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Pink Thankful Grateful Blessed Guided Journal & Mug Set

Pink Thankful Grateful Blessed Guided Journal & Mug Set

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The Journal & Matching Mug Gift Set makes a MEANINGFUL gift for everyone, including yourself! What could be better than writing in your guided journal, working on improving yourself while sipping on your favorite beverage in your journal-inspired mug? 


Thankful Grateful Blessed is a motivational journal to focus attention on the good things that are happening in life and to remember daily moments to be thankful grateful and blessed for. This journal serves as an opportunity to write down everything you are thankful for with the aid of positive thinking.

As you begin to write, you will discover growth in your mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. This journal is 100-pages including a notebook for writing, prompts, and inspirational quotes. 


Great for anyone in their teens and up.

This guided journal can be used for:

  • Manifesting goals
  • Affirming goals
  • Goal-planning & setting
  • Freewriting

Makes a great gift for:

  • Any person wanting to begin manifesting their dream life
  • Holiday Gift Exchange (White Elephant, Secret Santa, etc.)
  • Birthday, Christmas, or just because
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