Meet Shawnti

My name is Shawnti Refuge. I'm the CEO of Shawnti Refuge Journals. I was born and raised in Beaumont, Texas. I'm a wife mother of three. I started Shawnti Refuge Journals in 2021, two years after I experienced a Mental BREAKTHROUGH (as opposed to breakdown).

After being put on medication, I decided that wasn't what I wanted for my life, through therapy, I was able to dig deeper and get to the root of my issues and learn how to heal from them.

One of the coping skills that I learned was guided journaling. Through Guided Journaling, I was able to acknowledge, face, and heal from many issues that I didn't know I even had!

Through my journey, I felt that I needed to help others like myself, who don't want medication to numb them and instead want to HEAL! I developed a series of guided journals for your emotional & mental wellness.

Since starting Shawnti Refuge Journals, I am now a Certified Lifestyle Coach, specializing in Mental Health Coaching and Advocacy. I am a support group facilitator, journaling instructor, and I host wellness workshops.

Welcome to the start of your healing journey with Shawnti Refuge Journals!

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