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Take your healing journey a step further.

Introducing Stayin' Stuck Ain't Cute, Shawnti's Signature Coaching Program!

Experience 12- weeks of healing with a partner who's been there, done, that, and healed from it.

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What are Guided Journals?

Guided journals are notebooks or journals that provide prompts, questions, or exercises to guide the writer through a specific topic or goal. They can be used for self-reflection, personal growth, or creative expression.

You'll also get affirmations & quotes specific to the subject of the guided
journal that you choose! These will help you to be inspired and stay motivated
to write!

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Journal Bae Mental Health Apparel and Mugs are designed to promote positive mental health and self-care. Our apparel is comfortable and stylish, featuring inspiring and uplifting messages that help keep your mental health in check. Our merchandise comes in a variety of sizes and styles, and feature cute and inspiring designs that are sure to put a smile on your face. We believe in taking care of your mental health and our apparel and mugs are the perfect way to start!