What are Guided Journals?

A guided journal is a journal that uses prompts to help bring your creative juices and energy into the forefront.

Our journals not only have pretty covers, but when you look inside, you'll get prompts to help you get started with your journaling journey! That's why it's called a guided journal. ⠀

Andddd you'll also get affirmations & quotes specific to the subject of the guided journal that you chose! These will help you to be inspired and stay motivated to write!

  • Create Your Own Happiness

    Create Your Own Happiness is your own private space where you can explore and understand your own mind, your feelings and emotions, which ultimately leads to a happier life.

  • I'm Tired AF

    Journaling is one of the best ways you can deal with stress. This journal is 100 pages of prompts, exercises, notes, and blank pages to help you with recognizing, recovering, and staying away from and dump burnout.

  • I Think It I Want It I Manifest It

    Journaling is one of the best and easiest manifestation exercises that you can do because it draws positive attention to your goals in a consistent, relaxing, and fun way.

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