Hello, I'm Shawnti Refuge. I'm a wife, mom of 3, & a serial Entrepreneur. My life changed in 2018 when I experienced what some would call a "Nervous Breakdown".

But, there's more to my story...

I was born & raised in Beaumont, TX. I lived in in San Francisco, CA for a short period of time, but moved back to Beaumont after my parents divorced when I was 2 years old.

At the time, I thought I had a great childhood. I never wanted for anything. My parents & grandparents loved and cared for me. I made good grades in school.

The thing is, over the years I had developed low self-esteem, had no real connections, and then later (in middle school) I became a teen mom.

My life was forever changed after that...

As an adult, I never really found my voice or even knew who I was. I went through several jobs & relationships, and eventually moved to Houston, TX.

In 2018 is when I had my "Nervous Breakdown". I waited an entire month before I sought help and the help I received was a diagnosis of Severe Depression & Anxiety along with medication which didn't help me at all.

I refused the medication & chose to get to the root of my emotional & mental health issues. I did this by journaling; guided journaling to be exact.

Yes, guided journaling saved my life!

Once I learned the power that guided journaling holds, I made it my business to help others who struggle with their emotional & mental health.

I'm a Mental Health Coach, Advocate, Speaker & Writer. I help women to help themselves heal from emotional & mental health issues & traumas related to stress, anxiety, & depression.

I am here to help women develop greater awareness in themselves and implement effective tools to better manage their lives while holding them accountable.